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About us

Martoyo is a Vietnamese company specializing in consulting and designing, processing and producing industrial machines, production lines in various fields, mainly in surface treatment, wastewater treatment, and industrial emission treatment. We also supply accessories and spare parts for these fields.

Our company owns a team of experts from Taiwan, Japan, and China. Our experts have move than 20 years of experience in plating, surface treatment, wastewater treatment, and industrial emission treatment. Taking advantage of our strengths, we focus on supplying services as the following:

  • Consulting on technology solutions, designing, processing, and producing a full-automatic or semi-automatic plating line.
  • Consulting metal surface treatment solutions, producing ultrasonic cleaners that can be customized on demands.
  • Consulting and supplying wastewater treatment solutions, emission treatment solutions
  • Consulting and supplying accessories and spare parts relating to plating, wastewater treatment, emission treatment,…

Our clients are companies that have one of below needs:

  • Installing a new plating system (full-automatic or semi-automatic)
  • Getting trouble in their current plating system and looking for solutions ( we can assist clients with solutions and provide reparation service).
  • Replacing accessories, spare parts of the plating system, water treatment, and emission treatment.

With the slogan “Put the client first”, we and you together create a fresh and clean world. We believe that with a staff of well-skilled employees, experts with many years of experience, and machinery and equipment imported from overseas, a modern manufacturing factory we will create high-quality products, help clients save their operation costs as well as improve their productivity.

In addition, we commit to provide a comprehensive warranty, support clients rapidly, solve problems in time to avoid impacting the clients’production schedule.